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Why Dehradun Clat Academy?

The Dehradun Clat Academy is the best law coaching in Dehradun. It offers Clat entrance exam coaching in Dehradun. The tutors along with the rest of the necessary staff have developed a course that covers every topic of every chapter and pays special attention to the important portions that might be crucial for the students to understand. The course covers every little detail of the 11th and 12th standard of all the boards in India (International Boards included as well). The courses are regularly checked and thoroughly examined keeping in mind the previous year’s questions and syllabus of the CLAT Exam. Teachers and concerned faculty also keep a tab on the board syllabus for securing good marks in Boards and update their course accordingly. Being the best CLAT coaching institute in Dehradun, we provide students with the following facilities-

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  1. Carefully prepared notes and study material are prepared for each topic under each subject by their respective subject tutors. This study material covers every little detail necessary for the students to understand a topic and solve questions related to them in the examination. These notes stress on both boards and the entrance examination. Hence, these notes and study material are made available to each student and they can ask doubts if they don’t understand something given in the materials. 
  2.  Each subject teacher arranges several mock tests for the students to appear in their classes. Since the syllabus and solving questions are usually over a few weeks before the exam, students are made to sit for mock tests that enhance their answering skills. Along with that, students learn from their mistakes, improve and learn to manage time during exams. Separate mock tests are also arranged by the faculty for students to appear on a full paper with all the subjects. The questions for the All-India Mock Tests have various difficulty levels and are designed following the previous year’s examination patterns. The questions are set according to past year papers and different tricky questions from the important section of the subjects. 
  3. This is another factor that makes Dehradun Clat Academy the center of best law coaching in Dehradun. For every mock test, the student appears, tutors take the initiative and pain to provide a booklet of detailed and critical analysis to every question and the correct answer to it. The answer booklet also has national benchmarking for every question according to the actual CLAT Entrance Examination. All the All-India Mock Tests conducted by us have such answer booklets unlike a few of our well-known competitors. 
  4. We provide more than 180 Online Sectional Tests. Sectional tests are separate mock tests for each subject. Dehradun Clat Academy provides the facility of online sectional tests. Here the students get to appear for the five basic subjects separately, they are Quant, Verbal, Legal Aptitude, General Awareness, and Logical Aptitude; each having more than 36 tests each to appear for. 
  • We have a team of Experienced Professionals specialized in various subjects with excellent teaching experiences.
  • We conduct guest lectures and seminars for guidance and preparation by Professionals.
  • Free career counselling in the field of law.
  • Providing up to 100% scholarships for deserving students.
  • Token of appreciation for Each Student on Excellent Performance.Free access to computer labs and library.
  • We organize workshops, debate competitions to enhance the speaking skills and confidence of the students.
  • We provide scholarly ambience to the students. Weare committed to the dual goals of access and excellence by creating a vibrant and welcoming environment.
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Great Communication Skills

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