Different Types of Law in India

By admin | Last Updated 10 Jul, 2022

Types of Law in India

Different Types of Indian Laws

Law is primarily a set of regulations that may be established and applied by a nation or society through social or political organisations to control the behaviour of its citizens.

Each citizen of India is accorded a number of rights under the country’s constitution, and because these rights are granted, there will inevitably be violations of them. In order to civilize society and maintain peace and harmony among the many people, our legislature has introduced several legal rules to implement and protect such rights.

One of the most interesting topics to work in is the Indian judicial system. In order to choose your area of focus when pursuing a legal education in India, you must first be familiar with all types of law. Laws are the controllers in a nation with a population as large as ours. One of the most respected professions in the world, law is known for the generosity of its legal system in India.

You can learn one of the many different sorts of laws that are in effect. To assist you in determining which laws most appeal to you, let’s talk about the different types of laws in India.

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Different Types of Laws in India

There are basically 4 types of laws in the Indian Judicial System. Down below is the detailed description of each one:

Police are in charge of enforcing criminal law. Criminal law deals with crimes like murders, rape, assault, and theft. However, even when they don’t fall under criminal law, crimes committed against one specific individual are still considered crimes against all persons.

Criminal law focuses on identifying and punishing the actual lawbreaker. Public prosecutors and defense attorneys make up the two categories of criminal lawyers. While defense attorneys stand up for the accused in court, public prosecutors defend the state.

The profession will always involve demanding circumstances and high-stress working conditions. Criminal attorneys work quickly to resolve cases including abuse of any kind, cybercrime, murder, and several other crimes.

A law known as civil law examines conduct that is not criminal in nature. It is a section of the legislation that regulates conflicts between entities and individuals. It covers various topics, including defamation, child custody, the right to an education, divorce, union participation, property conflicts, possession issues, copy rights, insurance claims, and more.

Examples include when someone unlawfully enters another person’s property without their consent and refuses to leave, when one company files a lawsuit against another over a business dispute, or when victims of auto accidents sue the driver for damages they have suffered.

Today’s corporate world is expanding quickly, and without laws, it would undoubtedly go haywire. Corporate law, usually referred to as business law, is a system of regulations that control how corporations conduct their business. These laws keep things in check and establish legal limits for conducting business.

It is crucial and should be handled by licensed attorneys. Corporate law is the specialization for you if you want to work in the business world, start out with a respectable wage, and take care of the legal aspects of your company’s operations.

You will need to resolve conflicts and defend the company’s honor while making sure that its operations and reputation are flawless. You should complete your apprenticeship at a relatively large legal firm because it will enable you to learn from the greatest practitioners firsthand.

Common Law is a body of law that is derived from the judicial decisions of courts and similar tribunals. It is also known as case law, judicial precedent, or judge-made law. Because the identity implies that it is universal. On occasions where courts were attempted to be reduced, the instance set by expanded courts is binding. Lower courts may decide to reverse the precedent, but this does not occur frequently.

When two people have lived together for ten or more years, that is an example of a common law marriage. As a result, they have granted permission for them to share their property rights.

A statute, sometimes known as a “statutory law,” is a piece of legislation that has been approved by the legislative or executive branch. The state legislature handles actions for state law, and the state governor signs them. A “veto” is the chief’s rejection to sign the bill or rejection of it under exceptional circumstances.

Within the parliament, a bill is proposed and put to a vote. For instance, if you violated the speed limit, you might have damaged a car and broken the law regarding traffic.

Among all the current advances, the environment is currently suffering the most. Without human behavior regulation, the ecosystem would currently be in considerably worse shape and be irreparably damaged.

The set of regulations known as environmental laws governs how people should treat the environment. The unwarranted exploitation of the environment or of natural resources is prevented by these regulations. Additionally, it aids in preserving the quality of the land, water, and air.

If you want to have an impact, you can consider making this your area of expertise. Good lawyers are needed now to implement environmental laws and safeguard the environment for future generations. This division includes laws governing land use, hunting, waste management, chemical safety, and air and water quality. This is used in both public and private businesses.

A collection of agreements known as international laws help to regulate relations between nations and their constituent parts. In addition to many other things, it oversees all international trade and relations between citizens. You cannot imagine the grandeur of international law.

These international laws aid in defining norms and setting boundaries that are crucial while conducting business or engaging in any other activity because not every country or nation will have the same systems of government.


One could argue that all these various laws are required to address various problems. The lack of any one of these laws will lead to an unbalanced society because they are all like the cornerstones of a disciplined society.

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